Mokarran Dive Charters

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About Us

Diving at Rocktail is unique as diving takes place in the Maputaland Marine Reserve, which is adjacent to the Coastal Forest Reserve, this ensures that the ocean, as well as the beach and surrounding coastal forest are all protected. This northern section of the marine reserve is even more special because it was only opened to scuba diving in early 2000.

When Wilderness Safaris got permission for scuba diving in this area they approached Mokarran Dive Charters, then based in Mozambique, to run the scuba diving for them. Because no one had dived here before we set about exploring the reefs. We were amazed at what we found, wonderful coral and prolific fish life. This was real pioneering diving!

For the first three months we had not a single diver, but we continued to dive and explore and over time some of our diving guests explored these reefs with us and assisted us in naming them. Over the years people have discovered this area and continue to come back again and again to dive in this special area.

A small, family run dive centre ensures professional, friendly and personalised service. As we are the only dive operation in the area, with only two boats, divers can be assured that they will be the only divers on a given dive site.

We look forward to sharing this diving gem with you soon.