Mokarran Dive Charters at Rocktail Dive Centre

South Africa's most exclusive diving!

Rates 2017

All boat activities are to be paid for at the dive center - we accept cash, Visa, Mastercard

All divers are to produce dive certification cards prior to diving - no dive card = no dive

Ocean Experience                                                R 475.00 

Dive                                                                   R 560.00

Dive with instructor as buddy on dive                      R 390.00

(additional fee)

Full dive equipment (charged by the day)     R 525.00

Individual dive equipment hire charges (charged by the day)

BCD - sea quest  R 75.00                                                             

Regulator - aqualung  R 75.00                                                                

Cylinder - 10 / 12l steel  R 75.00                                                           

Weightbelt / weights  R 75.00                                                                

Wetsuit - 5mm, full length  R 75.00                                                                      

Fins - closed heel  R 75.00                                                                   

Mask & snorkel  R 75.00

PADI Dive Courses (please see separate page for more information about dive courses)

Bubblemaker  R 950.00

Discover Scuba Diving  R 1980.00

Discover Scuba Diving Pool Only  R 995.00

Open Water Diver  R 6950.00

Referral Open Water - E-learning  R 6500.00

Referral Open Water  R 5850.00

Advanced Diver  R 6150.00

Emergency First Response  R 1610.00

Rescue Diver  R 6500.00

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  • "Fabulous. Dolphins, humpback whales, green and loggerhead turtles, guitar shark, pineapple fish and the legendary friendly potato bass and oh so much more - what more could a d..."
    Sarah Shephard
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  • "The dives were superb and I was totally blown away. I still sits as the #1 spot to dive. And the service and spectacular. "

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