Mokarran Dive Charters at Rocktail Dive Centre

South Africa's most exclusive diving!


Quotes As a diver, this place offers as much as all the other wonderful diving destinations in the world...if not more. I have never been close to a whaleshark until my trip to Rocktail Bay. The beaches are also wonderful; they seem to stretch for miles. There are not many places like this left in the world. Thanks to everyone at the camp and at the dive centre for making this a holiday of a lifetime. Quotes
Monica Ralfe
"There are not many places like this left in the world."

Quotes Fabulous. Dolphins, humpback whales, green and loggerhead turtles, guitar shark, pineapple fish and the legendary friendly potato bass and oh so much more - what more could a diver want? Darryl and Sam are supreme experts and brilliant company. Now busily badgering husband to keep wife happy by booking next visit. Thank you for looking after us so well. Quotes
Sarah Shephard
Happy wife.......

Quotes The dives were superb and I was totally blown away. I still sits as the #1 spot to dive. And the service and spectacular. Quotes

Quotes Never planned to do my first scuba dive this past week however ended up doing 5 days of diving . Ondyne ,you are a master instructor and Sue and I were spoilt with the personal attention you gave us on our dives. Darrel you old seawolf' , awesome skippering and really enjoyed the evenings of good banter and bottles of red wine. See you soon as I hope to get my dive card , regards Dwayne + Sue. Quotes
Wow ,absolutely , awesome experience

Quotes It was so brilliant and spectacular beyond words to be back diving this pristine spot. Two fabulous dives to Pineapple and Elusive, knowing where each and every little creature that I could remember was hiding was such a privilege. 20m viz, stunning weather and the outstanding company and professionalism of Clive & Mich. Even the bush babies visited. So overjoyed to have visited again. Debbie Smith S.A. Quotes
Such a privilege

Quotes The most amazing diving with the most amazing people who go the extra mile to show how much they care. Hope to see everyone again soon. Quotes

Quotes Whale sharks and whales ... this is why Rocktail is our favourite place on the planet. Thanks again Mich and Clive. Quotes
Whale sharks and whales

Quotes Absolutely fantastic!! Devil rays, reef shark, potato bass and raggie shark all in the first 10 min. Thanks for the huge spoil. Quotes
Caleb Lightening

Quotes It was great being back. Awesome diving again! Thanks for everything. Quotes
Rijck & Frances Schlingemann

Quotes Fantastic dive experience, a dive operation that really cares - and it shows!! Quotes
Duncan, Murray, Graham Hyslop