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Diving at Rocktail is unique as diving takes place in the Maputaland Marine Reserve, which is adjacent to a World Heritage Site, the iSimangaliso Wetland park. This ensures that the ocean, as well as the beach and surrounding coastal forest are all protected. This northern section of the marine reserve is even more special beacuse it was only opened to scuba diving in 2000.

When Wilderness Safaris got permission for scuba diving in this area they approached Mokarran Dive Charters, then based in Mozambique, to run the scuba diving for them. Because no one had dived here before we had to explore and find reefs and dive them all to see what they were like. We were amazed at what we found, wonderful coral and prolific fish life. This was real pioneering diving! For the first three months we had not a single diver, but we continued to dive and explore and over time some of our diving guests explored these reefs with us and assisited us in naming them. Over the years people have discovered us and continued to come back again and again to dive in this special area.

From very humble beginnings with a rented air compressor, a couple of cylinders, one boat, one vehicle, as well as a lot of perserverance and faith we have built this company up to one with an excellent reputation and many more facilities. We now boast two 7.2m semi-inflatable boats (zodiac / rib), two Ford tractors and two Landcruizers to transport divers to the beach. A Bauer 140 Compressor with airbanks ensures that we have clean air and full cylinders. We have a full range of very good quality dive equipment for hire and ensure that everything is always well maintained.

A small, family run dive centre ensures professional, friendly and personalised service and with only our two boats in operation, divers can be assured that they will be the only divers on a given dive site.

We look forward to sharing this secret diving gem with you soon.

The Mokarran Dive Team

Darryl Smith

Darryl worked for the Natal Sharks Board for 15 years before starting his own scuba diving company in Mozambique, at Ponta do Ouro, for 5 years. He was then approached by Wilderness Safaris to start and run the dive operation at Rocktail Dive Centre, where he has been for the past 12 years. Having grown up on the South Coast, Darryl was a keen fisherman, spearfisherman and started scuba diving in 1980 and so has an intimate knowledge of the sea.


Clive Smith

Darryl's nephew Clive, also grew up on the coast spending time surfing, fishing and diving. He then went to Mozambique where he qualified as a PADI Divemaster. He worked at The Whaler in Ponta do Ouro for 3 years as a divemaster and camp manager before moving to Rocktail with his uncle, to explore and set up the dive operation here. Starting as a divemaster he then went on to become a skipper and has been skippering for 8 years now. He also maintaines all dive equipment making sure it is in excellent condition, as well as all the boats and vehicles. Every now and then he still enjoys a dive and is a wonderful divemaster.




Michelle Smith

Michelle grew up in Johnnesburg and met Clive during a family holiday to Mozambique. With a mixed background of experience including fashion design, estate agency, catering, various office jobs and fine art printing, she finally found what she was looking for - not just Clive, her husband, but the ocean as well. She joined the Mokarran Dive Charters Team a couple of months after they arrived at Rocktail. She progressed from being an open water diver up to PADI Divemaster in 2002, then became a PADI Open Water Instructor in 2003. She loves teaching guests how to dive, knowing that this opens up a whole new magical, beautiful and exciting world to them.




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  • "The dives were superb and I was totally blown away. I still sits as the #1 spot to dive. And the service and spectacular. "

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